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Understanding the financial aid process for school can be most perplexing and overwhelming. The following websites will help you navigate through this process with a little more confidence.

Always remember that completing the financial aid applications and getting help with the financial aid process is FREE... be wary of those who want to charge money to help get financial aid or assist in scholarships searches!

Scholarship awards can be a central piece of your college financial aid puzzle! Many scholarships go unclaimed each year due to a lack of applicants, unqualified applicants, and low-quality applications, Get into the competition! 

Idaho Scholarships

More detailed program information is available by clicking the blue links below.

Idaho Governor’s Cup Scholarship – Academic 

  • Deadline:  February 15
  • Requires 2.8 GPA, graduating senior of an Idaho high school, essay, strong public service/volunteerism experience. 
  • Must go into a non-career/technical education associate’s degree or be seeking a bachelor’s degree.

Idaho Governor’s Cup Scholarship – Career/Technical

  • Deadline:  April 15
  • Requires 2.8 GPA, graduating senior of an Idaho high school, essay, strong public service/volunteerism experience
  • Must go into a career/technical program that leads to a credential such as Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate, or Associate’s of Applied Science. 

Opportunity Scholarship

  • Deadline for applications and FAFSA is March 1.
  • Students must attend the first semester after high school graduation. 
  • Students’ cumulative unweighted GPA must be at least a 2.7.
  • This scholarship will be “auto-matched” again this year, meaning all students have to do is complete the general application and select “yes” on the question that will ask if they are interested in applying for the Opportunity scholarship. They do not need to submit anything else beyond the general application. 

Opportunity Scholarship for Adult Learners

  • Deadline is three weeks before each semester begins
  • For Idaho residents who plan on attending Idaho colleges or universities
  • Students must have at least 24 postsecondary credits
  • Must not have attended a postsecondary institution within the previous 24 months before applying for this scholarship
  • GPA requirement is a 2.7
  • FAFSA needs to be submitted before semester begins

Postsecondary Credit Scholarship

  • For students who have earned at least 10 post-secondary credits while in high school.
  • Students must obtain a competitive matching scholarship that is merit-based (meaning the program must have a minimum GPA or test score) from a business or industry representing business.

Early Graduation Scholarship

  • Please note that the contact for this scholarship is Tina Polishchuk at the State Department of Education. Her contact information is in the link. 

Reminder:  Starting in late April, students should be watching for emails and logging on to the scholarship site to check their status. Students should mark as a safe sender in their email program and not use a high school email account.