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Symphonic Band





Wind Ensemble 






Jazz Band





 Viking Marching Band





Percussion Ensemble  





Winter Drumline

The symphonic band is the concert group primarily composed of underclassmen. It is a non auditioned group for entry with chair testing being used only for placement. This group continues to focus on and expand many of the fundamentals and skills needed for the high levels of musicianship in the premier ensemble. The symphonic band performs 3-4 times a year in public concerts as well as in the DIII festival. 

The wind ensemble is Middleton high's top instrumental performing group. Entry into this group is earned by a live audition either in front of the director himself or a panel. This group operates at a high level, focussing on advanced techniques, literature and musicality. Due to the high performing nature of this ensemble, it is open to commission, invitationals, and other prestigious recognitions. 


The MHS jazz band is a much smaller yet dynamic group on campus. This ensemble will cover a variety of genres and like the athletic bands will be a very visable part of the program. They will perform with the concert ensembles during their seasonal performances as well as other venues throughout the year. Pending yearly interest this group may hold entry conditional on an audition. 

The viking marching band is Middleton's primary athletic ensemble. They perform at all home football games, all district competitions, and several local parades. This ensemble rehearses more than any other in the program, practicing and perfecting a single production before the final showcase at the DIII Mel Shelton competition. This band operates similar to it's concert counterpart with winds, brass, and percussion with the added component of a colorguard. 

The percussion ensemble is based out of the dedicated percussion class. These members act as performers in both the symphonic band and wind ensemble as well as an independent group that performs their own literature. Their roles are both diverse and demanding requiring expertise in a variety of performance techniques. Rehearsal time during class is spent building fundamental skills and practicing repertoire. 


The winter drumline functions like a scaled-down version of fall marching band. Acting as just one branch in the paegentry arts, this group comprises of both marching battery members as well as pit ensemble. The shows from this group take place on a tarped gym floor and are less time in length compared to your typical marching band show. This group competes in the TVIA local circuit in the scholastic A division with the season running roughly from December to March.