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Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education, English Language Arts

Mr. Terry Hardy

My name is Terry Hardy; I teach American Sign Language I, II, and III offered as dual credit through C.W.I. at Middleton High School. I came to Middleton in 2009 from Oregon where I earned my bachelors degree from Corban University in 1995. I currently serve on the District Leadership Team. Growing up in a bilingual home with Deaf parents has afforded me a truly unique life long experience with American Sign Language. I use ASL in the Deaf community weekly as an Video Relay Interpreter and use this as an opportunity to put my teaching into practice in a real world experience. I am passionate about my work as a teacher of a truly unique world language and always look for opportunities to inspire students to pursue life long learning and meaning in their future endeavors. My educational philosophy and goals support my desire to see students succeed and move on to make a difference in our world. My teaching philosophy is based on a solid worldview and my belief that education is essential for success in an ever changing global economy. My curriculum is tailored and focused on developing critical thinking skills and preparing the student to meet the challenges of the 21st century.