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Phone: ext. 749

Qualifications: B.S.

Mr. Pete Jones

My name is Pete Jones.  I am currently a teacher at Middleton High School.  I received my education and Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Oregon University.    I am currently in my 19th year of teaching.  I have taught many different subjects at the high school level.  I began my teaching career in the Elko (Nev.) School District.  My first teaching job was at Owyhee High School, on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.  It was a small school, and I was the only Science teacher.  I taught all science subjects required at the high school level. These included: Earth Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.  I feel that this first job allowed me to jump right in the profession and either sink or swim.  It was a great experience that allowed me to begin to grow as a professional.  I then moved to Elko High School.  I taught Biology there for 4 years.  In 2004, my wife and I then moved to Idaho where I took a job at Middleton High School.  I have been here ever since.  I have taught Biology, Health, and Human Anatomy & Physiology.  During my time teaching, I have also coached football and baseball.  Currently I am the head coach for the Middleton High School baseball program.  GO VIKES!!