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Phone: 208-585-6657

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts: Secondary Education, English Area Certification: 6-12 English Language Arts

Mrs. Laura McGhee

My name is Laura McGhee, and I am an enthusiastic English teacher enjoying the early years of my teaching career. I have attended two universities in which I earned my credentials to become a secondary English teacher. My most recent educational experience was at Northwest Nazarene University from which I graduated in May 2015. I began teaching at Middleton High School in 2015. I love working with high school students because they are quickly forming opinions about the world they live in, and I think English is a great subject to introduce new concepts to which students can apply as they continue to form and shape their worldview. The themes and skills learned in English will help these students in almost any future career, as well as their growth as a person. I enjoy being part of that journey for students. 

There are three major components to my teaching philosophy: classroom environment, relationships, and applicability of content. I believe that students cannot value, appreciate, or even gain anything from their education without the proper learning environment. I strive to create the best classroom environment possible. The teacher-student relationship is another essential component to make both teaching and learning successful. Mutual respect needs to be established at the beginning of the school year, and the relationship between student and teacher needs to be nourished throughout the year. Finally, for students to care about what they are learning, they need to see the applicability of it. When students are shown the value of their education in the classroom and application to their life, they find an internal motivation to strive for success.