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Phone: 208-585-6657

Qualifications: B.S. Mathematics Education Minor in PE Education Masters Mathematics Education Physics Certification

Miss Taci Morris

Hello!  My name is Taci Morris.  As a third generation teacher, I understand how education can open new horizons.  Math was always my strong subject in school.  In junior high and high school I tutored many of my peers and realized my goal of becoming a math educator. I continued to gain experience teaching mathematics as a tutor in college and eventually a teacher at Homedale Middle School.  I took a two year break to serve a mission for my church.  When I got home I continued to increase my math teaching methods as an instructor at Treasure Valley Community College.  In 2012 I began teaching at Middleton High School. Since that time I have graduated with my masters in Mathematics Education  from Boise State University.  It has been a goal of mine since my youth to be an advanced high school math teacher.  Now that my dream has become a reality at Middleton High School, I strive to better myself and my teaching craft so my students will be prepared to further their education.


The great Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  Being raised by a teacher, the importance of an education was infused deeply in my heart and mind from a young age.  I remember hanging out in my mom's classroom after school, taking spelling tests at home, and watching my mother's never ending effort as she tired to find a book that I would actually read.  I may have won a few battles refusing to read at times, but her powerful weapon of education won the war and changed my life.  I now love reading and owe my passion for education to her.  Growing up I witnessed my mother change the world one student at a time as she inspired the young minds of the future.  Trying to follow in the footsteps of my mother, I want students to know that education can open doors and expand horizons.  I want students to know the problem solving skills obtained in a math class are valuable skills that will transfer over to other areas of life.  


I hope my students know they can always come to me for help!  Parents feel free to contact me if you have any questions.