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Phone: 208-585-3027 ext.831

Qualifications: BS Political Science- International Relations Emphasis Boise State University 2015

Mr. Shaun Sharp

Hello, and welcome to US History I+II.

If there is any one way to sum up my approach to teaching, it is a focus on "why". As a child, I went through a phase where everything told to me was met with a response of "why?". When the patient and long-suffering adults around me answered my question, that answer would yet again be met with "why?". This would continue until I was finally satisfied, which could be quite the process. While I've grown out of that particular habit by a few decades, the search of "why" has been and remains the central driving force of my educational experience. As a teacher, it manifests as the goal to ignite interest in my students about their subjects to the point that they themselves wonder why and pursue underlying causes and principles.

I graduated from Boise State University with a BS in Political Science-International Relations Emphasis with an added focus in History. After graduating, I realized my love of explaining those subjects to others and pursued my teaching certification. This is my  6th year as a teacher in Middleton School District and I look forward to continuing to learn about and interact with the community!