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Phone: (208)585-6657 x750

Qualifications: Degrees: B.A History The College of Idaho B.S. Biology Boise State University Idaho Teaching Certificates: Biology History Social Studies Humanities

Mr. Barry Smith

My name is Barry Smith and I work as a History and Science teacher at Middleton High School. I started teaching here at Middleton in the Fall of 2015. I enjoy learning new things about my content areas as much as I enjoy teaching them to my students. Since learning is a life long process, I make sure to emphasize areas that I recently become aware of. I strongly believe learning is done with experiences and moving. Sitting and writing vocabulary, while important, is not a complete educational experience. I have a Biology degree from Boise State University and enjoy spending time in the shop woodworking or out in the woods looking for plants. I spent the earlier part of my adulthood fighting forest fires and studying plant communities in Idaho and Oregon. I bring my myriad of field experience to the classroom to augment the curriculum. High energy presentation and student led projects are at the core of my ideal classroom. Please contact me with any comments, questions or concerns you might have as I am very eager to communicate with parents about their children's education.