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About me.

Mr. Vanni Tilzey

Greetings. I have been teaching now for 24 years in different schools here in Idaho. My position here at Middleton High School is teaching math. I started here this year and have enjoyed the time so far.  I was born in New Mexico but only lived there three years before moving to Canada for 9 years and then moving to Nampa where I have been living since. I have a wife and three children, one girl and two boys. Sports are also a big part of my life. I have coached, officiated, and/or participated in several different sports. Currently I time track meets, officiate football and basketball, and work at both the state cross country meet and the state track meets. I have also had some experience with baseball and softball. 

In my spare time I like to hike in the mountains with my children and neices and nephews. I also go off-roading in my truck from time to time. One of my hobbies is disc golf. I have two nephews who are very good at disc golf and I am right in the middle of their skills. I also ice skate, ski, and do many other things.